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Cwtch 1.14

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Sarah Jamie Lewis

Cwtch 1.14 is now available for download!

Cwtch is a communication application (and associated libraries) that uses Tor v3 Onion Services to establish surveillance resistant channels between people. Cwtch has been designed to be secure, private, and resilient.

You can download Cwtch from

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In This Release

We have made many changes to Cwtch themeing in 1.14, including new Custom Themes

A special thanks to the amazing volunteer translators and testers who made this release possible.

  • New Features:
    • Custom Themes - You can now load custom themes into Cwtch.
    • Message View Backgrounds - This release contains the first support for (optional) background images in the message view. Future releases will allow per-conversation images.
  • Bug Fixes / Improvements:
    • Fixed tor connectivity in newer Tails releases
    • Fixes in the Retry Plugin for better managing of a large number of contacts
    • Several UX improvements for font scaling, and styling
    • Fixed Android File Sharing Bug which prevent downloads of non-previewed files.
    • Fixed Android File Sharing Bug that resulted in a UI reset triggered by a rate race condition between reconnection and new message arriving
    • Split Settings Pane into multiple tabs for easier navigation of options
    • Fixed contact row date time/localization inconsistency
    • Fixed contact row issue where LANG wasn't set on some linux systems
    • libCwtch now support older Mac releases (min 10.12)
    • Updates images and descriptions in the Windows Installer
  • Accessibility / UX:
    • Core translations for Brazilian Portuguese, Danish , Dutch, French, German, Italian, Norwegian , Romanian , Russian, Polish, Slovak, Spanish, Swahili, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh
    • Partial translations for Korean (41%), Japanese (26%), , Luxembourgish (19%), Greek (15%), Uzbek (9%), and Portuguese (5%)
    • Theme Refresh - Many small adjustments to existing themes to make them more accessible

Reproducible Bindings

Cwtch 1.14 is based on libCwtch version libCwtch-autobindings-2024-02-12-11-04-v0.0.12. The repliqate scripts to reproduce these bindings from source can be found at

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