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Notes on Cwtch UI Testing (II)

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Sarah Jamie Lewis

In this development log, we investigate some text-based UI bugs encountered by Fuzzbot, add more automated UI tests to the pipeline, and announce a new release of the Cwtchbot library.

Constraining Cwtch UI Fields

Fuzzbot identified a few bugs relating to UI layout and text clipping. Certain strings would violate the bounds of their containers and overlap with other UI elements. While this doesn't pose a safety issue, it is unsightly.

Screenshot demonstrating how certain strings would violate the bounds of their containers.

These cases were fixed by parenting impacted elements in a Container with clip: hardEdge and decoration:BoxDecoration() (note that both of these are required as Container widgets in Flutter cannot set clipping logic without an associated decoration).

Now these clipped strings are tightly constrained to their container bounds.

These fixes are available in the latest Cwtch Nightly, and will be officially released in Cwtch 1.11.

More Automated UI Tests

We have added two new sets of automated UI tests to our pipeline:

  • 02: Global Settings - these tests check that certain global settings like languages, theme, unknown contacts blocking, and streamer mode work as expected. (PR: 628)
  • 04: Profile Management - these tests check that creating, unlocking, and deleting a profile work as expected. (PR: 632)

New Release of Cwtchbot

Cwtchbot has been updated to use the latest Cwtch 0.18.10 API.

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