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Creating a New Profile

  1. Press the + action button in the right bottom corner and select "New Profile"
  2. Select a display name
  3. Select if you want to protect this profile locally with strong encryption:
    • Password: your account is protected from other people who may use this device
    • No Password: anyone who has access to this device may be able to access this profile
  4. Fill in your password and re-enter it
  5. Click add new profile

A note on Password Protected (Encrypted) Profiles

Profiles are stored locally on disk and encrypted using a key derived from user-known password (via pbkdf2).

Note that, once encrypted and stored on disk, the only way to recover a profile is by rederiving the key from the password - as such it isn't possible to provide a full list of profiles a user might have access to until they enter a password.

See also: Cwtch Security Handbook: Profile Encryption & Storage