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Testing Cwtch

This section documents some ways to get started with Cwtch Testing.

Running Fuzzbot

FuzzBot is our development testing bot. You can add FuzzBot as a contact: cwtch:4y2hxlxqzautabituedksnh2ulcgm2coqbure6wvfpg4gi2ci25ta5ad.

FuzzBot Help

Sending FuzzBot a help message will trigger it to send a reply with all the currently available testing commands.

For more information on FuzzBot see our Discreet Log development blog.

Join the Cwtch Release Candidate Testers Group

Sending Fuzzbot the command testgroup-invite will cause FuzzBot to invite you to the Cwtch Testers Group! There you can ask questions, post bug reports and offer feedback.

Cwtch Nightlies

Cwtch Nightly builds are development builds that contain new features that are ready for testing.

The most recent few development versions of Cwtch are available from our build server.

We do not recommend that testers always upgrade to the latest nightly, Instead, we will post a message to the Cwtch Release Candidate Testers group when a significant nightly becomes available. A nightly is considered significant if it contains a new feature or a major bug fix.


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