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Getting Started

Choosing A Cwtch Library

Cwtch Go Lib

The official Cwtch library is written in Go and can be found at This library allows access to all Cwtch functionality.


We also provide a specialized Cwtch Bot framework in Go that provides a more lightweight and tailored approach to building chat bots. For an introduction to building chatbots with the CwtchBot framework check out the building an echobot tutorial.

Autobindings (C-bindings)

The official c-bindings for Cwtch are automatically generated from the Cwtch Go Library. The API is limited compared to accessing the Cwtch Go Library directly, and is explicitly tailored towards building the Cwtch UI.

libCwtch-rs (Rust)

An experimental rust-fied version of Cwtch Autobindings is available in libCwtch-rs. While we have plans to officially adopt rust bindings in the future, right now Rust support lags behind the rest of the Cwtch ecosystem.