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· 5 min read
Sarah Jamie Lewis

We first introduced UI tests last January. At the time we had developed a suite of UI tests that could be run manually in a development environment. However, we faced a number of issues consistently running these tests in our automated pipelines.

One of the main threads of work that needs to be complete early in the Cwtch Stable roadmap is integrating UI tests into our CI pipelines, in addition to expanding their scope. Now that Flutter 3 has stabilized desktop support, and we have invested effort in improving Cwtch performance, it is time to ensure these tests are running on every build.

· 11 min read
Sarah Jamie Lewis

One of the tenets for Cwtch Stable is Universal Availability and Cohesive Support:

"People who use Cwtch understand that if Cwtch is available for a platform then that means all features will work as expected, that there are no surprise limitations, and any differences are well documented. People should not have to go out of their way to install Cwtch."

This development log seeks to capture the current state of Cwtch platform support, and how we plan to make platform support decisions going forward as we move towards Cwtch Stable.

The questions we aim to answer in this post are:

  • What systems do we currently support?
  • How do we decide what systems are supported?
  • How do we handle new OS versions?
  • How does application support differ from library support?
  • What blockers exist for systems we wish to support, but currently cannot e.g ios?