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An Introduction to Cwtch App Settings


These are settings which effect how Cwtch looks, including themes and localization.


These settings impact how Cwtch responds to certain events e.g. notifications for new messages, or requests from unknown public addresses.


There are many features in Cwtch that people would like to have but whose implementation requires additional metadata, or risk, beyond the minimum that Cwtch requires for basic operations.

As such under Experiments you will find a number of optional settings which, when enables, provide additional features like group chat, file sharing or message formatting.

You should think carefully when enabling these features about the new risks that might be involved, and if you are comfortable opting-in to those risks. For many the benefits of file sharing, image previews and group chat far outweigh the potential harms - but for other we require everyone to opt-in to these features.

You can opt-out at any time, all features are implemented locally within the Cwtch app.