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Translating Cwtch

If you would like to contribute translations to Cwtch the application or this handbook here is how

Contributing Translations to the Cwtch Application

There are two ways to contribute to Cwtch applications.

Join our Lokalise Team

We use Lokalise for managing translations for the Cwtch application.

  1. Sign up for a Lokalise account
  2. Email with the language you are interested in translating and an email we can use to invite you to our Lokalise team.

Directly via Git

For new translations, you can make a copy of and begin translating - you can then either submit pull requests or directly send updates to us ( and we will merge them in.

For adding to existing translations you can make pull requests directly on any file in and we will review and merge them in.

Cwtch User's Handbook

This handbook is translated through Crowdin.

To join our Crowdin project:

  1. Sign up for an account on Crowdin.
  2. Join the cwtch-users-handbook project.

We bundle up changes to the documentation in batches and sync them with the Crowdin project on a regular basis.


All contributions are eligible for stickers