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· 8 min read
Sarah Jamie Lewis

From the start of the Cwtch project, the source code for all components making up Cwtch has been freely available for anyone to inspect, use, and modify.

But open source code is only one defense against malicious actors who might seek to undermine your privacy and security. This is why, as part of our ongoing Cwtch Stable work, we are working towards making all parts of the Cwtch chain reproducible and verifiable.

The whole point of reproducible builds is that you no longer have to trust binaries provided by the Cwtch Team because you can independently verify that the binaries we release are built from the Cwtch source code.

In this devlog we will talk about how Cwtch bindings are currently built, the changes we have made to Cwtch bindings to make future distributions verifiable, and the next steps we will be taking to make all Cwtch builds reproducible. This will be useful to anyone who is looking to reproduce Cwtch bindings specifically, and to anyone who wants to start implementing reproducible builds in their own project.